Public Focus Group

A cafe and/or maker-space in Rodney?

During the month of March, Impact Consulting and Calvary United Church collaborated on a survey to understand potential community needs in Rodney, Ontario.

With over 190 survey responses, a proposed enterprise to engage youth and other community members emerged, in the form of a cafe or maker-space.

We would like to learn more about Rodney's community needs. And, the potential viability of a cafe/maker-space in your town.

Impact Consulting will take participants through a two hour focus group and present questions, ideas and concepts to Rodney (and West Lorne) residents.

Please join us and share your opinion over coffee, snacks and finger-food.

Rodney Recreation Centre
135 Queen Street
Rodney, Ontario Canada

Date + Time:
Tuesday, April 17 @ 5:30PM - 7:30PM

Teens, youth, adults, entrepreneurs, community champions and other residents. Please RSVP to

Rodney Town-wide Youth Scavenger Hunt

On Saturday May 20 the Rodney Youth centre hosted its first community event for youth in the form of a scavenger hunt throughout the town of Rodney. The hunt started at the Rodney Library with three teams totalling 12 young people using their smart phones to record the items on their list. The list included talking to someone over 85 years old, finding a motorcycle, a convertible, a Victorian house, the locations of two former banks, an alien, finding a young child to sing Mary Had a Little Lamb, find a politician (oops, none were found), make a video about being in an earthquake, and several other challenges. Everyone agreed that it was a great time for all. After the hunt, the participants gathered at the Recreation centre for pizza, pop, and healthier snacks while the scores were totaled. On hand were five adult supervisors, including Greg Simpson, the organizer of the event.

The board members and friends of the Rodney Youth centre have been searching for a location for a home base for youth to hang out; a place of safety to play video games, do homework, socialize with and make new friends, to get tutoring, or engage in activities that draw them downtown Rodney. While they haven't been successful on this task, the hunt for a location and for funding and donations continues. Greg believes that is absolutely necessary that young people have a place to go in their community, and important enough to be supported by the residents of Rodney.

Hey West Elgin youth! We need YOUR help! The Rodney Youth Centre is looking for passionate and ethusiastic youth to represent the Centre within their school and their community. The position of a Youth Ambassador will require you to represent our Youth Advisory Council and build better relations, to engage and connect with your peers, other youth, and the community. If this is of interest to you, please call or text Greg Simpson at 519 619 7680 or send an email to

"There's nothing to do in Rodney"

We are working hard to change that. From monthly social events at the Rec Centre to regular sports nights to other events to get people outside and active, the Rodney Youth Centre is giving youth things to do. The next step is to track down funding and grant sources to open a Cafe and Makerspace right in downtown Rodney.


Programs and Services

Hang out

Pull up a comfy chair, share a couch, chat, read or just hang.

Be entertained

Play Pool, Ping pong, Table soccer, cards, board games. There's no need to be bored!

Homework Help

If you need a quiet space to work, or have some questions to ask, we can help.

Free Food!

Home-baked muffins and other goodies, warm and cold drinks. No one goes hungry around here!


Working Group

December 5th from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm, the Working Group will meet with consultants from Pillar Nonprofit Network. The role of the Working Group is to bring passion, enthusiasm, expertise and networks to the successful launch of the Rodney Youth Centre. The Working Group will play various roles from business development, financing, impact measurement, marketing and community engagement. We are looking for community members to join this important initiative. If you are interested please call or text Greg Simpson at 519 619 7680, or send an email to

Fall Dances

Free Youth Dances hosted at the Rodney Rec Centre on the last Friday of September, October and November.

Fall Youth Dance
September 29
7:00 to 9:00 pm Ages 10-13
9:00 to 11:00 pm Ages 14-18

Hallowe'en Dance
October 27
7:00 to 9:00 pm Ages 10-13
9:00 to 11:00 pm Ages 14-18

Christmas Dance
November 24
7:00 to 9:00 pm Ages 10-13
9:00 to 11:00 pm Ages 14-18

Local Media

On February 7th 2017, Sean Irvine of CTV was out to Rodney and interviewed Greg Simpson about the Youth Centre's proposal to use the Town Hall building. A few youth at WESS got interviewed too, to get their feedback. You can catch the interview on their website: CTV News London

Local Media

The St. Thomas Times Journal is talking about us! Rodney Youth Centre eyeing downtown storefront instead of Old Town Hall

Youth Council

The organization and running of the Youth Centre will be handled by the Youth Council as much as possible. We are looking for 11 committed young people aged 12-18 to make up this council. Your role will be to connect with your peers and other youth in the area to make sure the centre is living up to their needs. You will meet regularly yourselves, and will select a 2 members to sit on the Board of Directors. Please call or text Greg Simpson at 519 619 7680 if you are interested, or send an email to


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